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Dead 2 Me Records, or D2M, is a Neo-Vintage and Electronic Music record label hailing from American Midwest. The label started from humble beginnings, in 2011, as a way for a handful of local Chicago-based artists to release music on their own terms. The label initially released a mix of Nu Disco, Deep House, and Indie Dance cuts, but eventually evolved to embrace the burgeoning Neo-Vintage scene.

This move happened organically, as label co-owners Vourteque and Mr. Automatic were deeply involved with not only the local Steampunk scene, but are also credited with bringing Electro Swing music to Chicago and then Detroit with their popular club residency, Rouge! Since then, the label has become the stalwart in the midwest for all things Neo-Vintage. The label’s intent was and always will be to put out records that are informed by the past, but that can hold their own against contemporary music.